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As with books, similarly I was introduced to bridge as a youngster. Often on Friday evenings my father and some of his friends would get together to play. I was allowed to watch as long as I didn’t disturb them. I have no idea how long it took, but after rolex replica them play for months on end I eventually figured out the basics of the game. Being exposed to bridge from such an early age, for years afterwards I deluded myself into believing that I was a “competent” player. That delusion followed me through my years of military service and later rolex replica sale my university years as well. The shocking truth of how little I actually knew about the game became apparent to me the day I started reading books on bridge. I was totally blown away by the replica watches uk of bidding systems, conventions, methods of signaling etc which all form part of the modern game. The intricacy of all these ideas that have developed over the years are a lot more rolex replica uk than any James Bond novel could ever be!

In 2009 purely by chance I was able to make my very own contribution to the game. I met a Polish expert player online on Bridge Base Online. We discovered that completely independently of each other, both of us had been working on a bridge idea; “How to show a 6-4 holding in the majors?” to reach the optimal contract. Click on the image below to get the full story.

To become a bridge expert needs a combination of dedication, raw talent, logic, up to date research on the direction that the game is moving and ongoing practice and play with a partner who shares the same passion and dedication for the game. The youngest known chess grandmaster ever is Sergey Karjakin aged 12. That will never be replicated in bridge. The variables in bridge versus the variables in chess are just too many.

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